I'll trade England for anywhere....

So this weeks IFB project is to plan Spring Break. Where will I go? What will I wear? Well unfortunately for me stuck here in rainy old England I won't be jetting off anywhere exciting, the furthest place I'll be going is back to my home town which isn't really too far away. Anyways I've been daydreaming and my perfect holiday would be cycling through Milan seeing the sights and looking out for Italian street style.

I just love floral dresses, floppy hats and vintage bicycles. These are my dream items for my dream holiday. On my real life holiday I'll be cycling around the countryside in England wearing floral dresses and floppy hats but I should probably think about getting an umbrella.

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  1. Beautiful Blog :) love the post!
    Would you like to follow each other? I will be more than happy :)


    Kiss Kiss*Bang Bang

  2. Ahhh that blue/white Topshop dress on the left is on my wish list too, how amazing is it?! Need to justify the price though :(
    Loving your blog by the way, can't wait to see what else you post!