its a violin, but its tiny..


We got this lovely lil violin from ebay its for a mothers day present. Its well cute, I keep picking it up and pretending to play the worlds smallest violin. Because thats how cool I am. 

In other news, is anyone else completely addicted to drawsome? Its an iPhone app which is basically a version of pictionary and it is literally taking over my life. 
My last name is Rose and that was a word my friend had to draw hence this drawing. It made me smile.
Right, sleep time now.
Niiiiiiiight xxx

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  1. the violin is so cute! :)

    xx, Helen

  2. im addicted to draw some!!! Me and my flat mate are always playing it but we suck at drawing so it's even more fun :D x

  3. this is cute :)
    found you on IFB and I'm following, hope you'll like my blog and follow back

  4. I'm addicted to draw something too! We should play! :-)

  5. Absolutely brilliant post! You've got amazing sense of sense of style. Have a great day! Fantastic blog by the way....