So today I painted my nails...

I have also been playing with Instagram. I LOVE INSTAGRAM. Here are a few random photos I took.

This is my mood necklace from Topshop. I turn it to the sad face when something saddens me but to be honest its pretty much always happy :)

 The boyf bought me back some spanish fruity tea after he went to Madrid. And on the left is my make up. I just love benefit, the make up comes in such cute packaging and it makes my skin feel nice and fresh!

And finally, my nails. They're a bit messily done but I'm pretty happy with them. I was inspired by my best buddy Bonita once again. Here are hers...

I hope you enjoy! Let me know if any of you do nail art posts or also have a love of Instagram.


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  1. I did one nail art post not long ago.. aztec nails it was so easy and my first attempt! Your nails look so cute I want to try floral nails but I can't do it :( x

  2. Love the topshop necklace!!!! loveee ittttt!!! great post


  3. Do you love the benefit make-up? I've wanted to try it, but haven't really heard anything about it- good or bad. Do you love it?


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