I have exciting news! Well, exciting for me I just wanted to share my excitement with you! My lovely boyfriend has only gone and bought me some beautiful earrings from Talullah Tu and they arrived today.
So here they are.
Talullah Tu £16

They make me so happy!

Also, I am now part of Independent Fashion Bloggers. A cute blogging community where everyones so welcoming and lovely. It's a great way to meet fellow lovers of fashion. There's a link to them on the side of my home page.

I'm afraid my to-do list for tonight is chockablock so I'm gonna have to love you and leave you. Essay plans and newspaper spreads are awaiting. 

Last week I had a lovely visit from my best buddy Bonita. We drank tea, ate Frankie and Benny's, drank tea, painted our nails, ate pancakes, drank Sailor Jerry's, sang like champions, drank more tea ate Nandos and drank tea.

Bonita is amazing at painting her nails. But not only can she paint them nicely she also has the steadiest hands and does such cute little designs on each nail. She has inspired me to try and do my own. So I thought I'd share with you some pictures of her nails so you can be inspired to.

Bonita uses a really tiny paint brush to do the detail and the end of a bobby pin to do perfect circles in her designs. Good luck! I'm sure yours will turn out better than my first mess of an attempt (nail polish went everywhere, even on my poor little mac).


Theres nothing like that thrill of filling up a basket with cute treats for myself and getting all excited that these clothes will soon be mine. What makes it better is you can do it all without the pain of carrying everything. Internet shopping = Amy's addiction. Okay so there's the whole not being able to try the clothes on thing but I just think to myself I can always return them  (I never do). It's just so easy to buy stuff nowadays, I think nothing of popping my details into my TopShop/ Urban Outfitters/ ASOS (the list goes on) accounts. I did attempt to change my relationship with clothes into just window shopping, it didn't work out. 

Pay day was lovely. I got out of my overdraft for a total of about 3 hours, impressive I know. I'm one of those students who is scared of checking my bank balance and I blame that on my addiction. With the piles of fashion magazines I buy I will always find something to buy online. I sit on my sofa, magazine in one hand and my laptop at the ready just picking out stuff I could get. I will then go on to the many shops my internet so lovingly takes me to and spend spend spend. 

Today after work I did a bit of real life shopping then went to Topshop but it was closed so I couldn't get these amaze brogues I covet so much. Instead of waiting for tomorrow I went home logged on to my account and bought these little babies. I always forget about the wait, but I love the excitement of it all. The ever awaited knock at the door, the realisation I get when it's post time, then ripping apart that package so I can finally touch my beauties.
Topshop £32
Magician Suede Lace Up Brogues

Ice cream colours are becoming the next big thing this Spring/Summer 2012. Just check out Louis Vuitton, Alexandre Herchcovitch and Chanel to name a few designers making sure lemon, pale pink, baby blue and mint are in everybody's wardrobe. 

 Marc Jacobs SS12 collection

You can not go wrong with a mint jacket this Spring. Defo gonna be buying one after I've posted this! (Writing about fashion doesn't really help my serious addiction to shopping, oh well.)

Warehouse £60
Crepe Long Line Jacket

Okay so it's not a mint jacket but its still keeping with our pastel theme. This peach blazer would look adorable for a working day and it looks pretty easy to make it casual. Maybe go a little edgy with some patterned leggings, cute top, pumps and bam your ready. (P.S. patterned leggings are looking so beaut right now.)

Right, it's late and I need to stop this before I find more things I need. Have a lovely night!

Amy xx

Using a child-like imagination to design her Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Kelly Love was inspired by outdoor games, nursery rhymes and picnics in the meadow.

In her previous collection, Song of the Rainbird she was inspired by "the 1960s with reference to the correlation between muses of fallen rock stars and beautiful birds in cages." Even her inspiration shows so much creativity goes in to her designs.

She keeps with her very apparent vintage feel by using silk, lace and crochet collars. As previous spring collections have shown it is the season of floral, frilly and floaty outfits. The old fashioned style Kelly Love so boldly holds on to is complemented even more so with her use of neutral pale pinks and creams. She has brought a sense of innocent femininity to 2012.

Kelly Love is still so unknown to the average woman. The signature behind the label is a tribute to feminism, old world glamour and love in the purest form. I think this is the cutest message behind a brand and as spring flows in we will be seeing a lot more of Kelly Love and Pocket Full O’ Posies.

From Spring/Summer 2012

So I got a flask from Urban Outfitters. Yes it was in the sale and yes it was only £5. Very impressive I know. Well anyways I filled this flask with a hefty amount of tea and took it to work one cold morning. I had a lil sip before I worked and forgot about it till lunch time, like five hours later. So I poured me some tea thinking, "ahh man my teas gonna be cold" but NO. It was still warm. Still warm after five hours! I was so blimmin impressed. So I proceeded to drink my tea and even shared a lil with a fellow colleague. Why have I never been into this whole bring your own tea in a flask before? Why did no one tell me that my tea would stay so nicely warm for so long? Well I know now and I am a very happy bunny.
I got a free nibble box from graze yesterday. It is such a cute idea! But because I don't like nuts and seeds I got mainly sweet snacks. I'm not complaining though cause those dried strawberries were blimmin beautiful. They're pretty clever making you give them your bank details before you get your free one. It's well fun getting them but I don't really wanna part with money for it. Now if it was somebody coming round with a freshly brewed cuppa tea each week then I would pay but healthy snacks, meh not really for me.
So this is my new blog. Although the title states its time for tea, I will probably not just write about tea. Tea is a huge part of my life, when I'm happy or when I'm sad I know a good cuppa will sort me right out. But there is only so much I can talk to you about tea and so I feel I should probably make this blog more of a "lifestyle" type thing. So watch out for the few posts which aren't about tea. They could be about biscuits or cake or something.
Anyways, I hope I don't bore you too much.