Urban Outfitters (Europe only) are giving us this lovely 20% discount off of every single thing! BUT it is only valid from midnight tonight - tomorrow at 8pm. All you've gotta do is follow timefortea then click on one of the pictures below choose your cute items and use the DISCOUNT CODE - SP2 at the check out......

A few of the bits and bobs I'm very fond of! :D (Quick link by clicking the picture)

Okay so I know I have too many bags and I really don't need any more denim jackets but these are too cute and theres a discount! I need to narrow down my buys, now which ones should I get?

Enjoy the discount, if any of you use it let me know what you get! :)

After having a internet window shopping session as I'm too poor to actually spend and we all know how addicted to shopping I am. I found many cute items I would like to share with you! Even though I can't have them, you guys should :) If you click on each item it should take you to the websites (should. Im really not that good with technology). I will be posting my favourite find each day (or just whenever I find cute things.) Todays cute find is this laptop case from Urban Outfitters. Being a journalism student I believe this is destined to be mine. If anyone fancies getting me a present, this is what I want.
If anyone has/buys this, let me know what you think of it. I like reviews :)


Here are a few snaps from my Easter holiday, which is very nearly finished :(

We took a road trip to Bournemouth, hunted round many vintage stores and ate at the lovely Wagamama. 

Also CBBC presenter Barney Harwood came in to work so he signed my business card! 

I spent much time with my bestie Bonita-Bluebell. We drank a lot of wine and ate far too much chocolate. We also had a day of attempting to fake tan ourselves and made cake pops. (They didn't taste very nice and we got annoyed at them, but it was all good fun!) 

Before making them, we got a little too excited.

Then got annoyed and destroyed cake. (This was fun, very fun)

The final product.

Look at Bonitas nails, they're skittles! And how awesome is this teapot.

And finally...my cute nephew. I let him loose with my iPhone so he took about a million photos of himself!  Also, he stole my tea. 

 I love Easter! What did you all get up to? 


It is time to start looking for a new place to live. I'll be moving in with this lovely lady who loves cupcakes, bunting and vintage teacups as much as me!

I am in desperate need of a typewriter for my new house. They just sound awesome when you type. Anyways I found a few bits and bobs on pinterest which I have to have.

I love cute things and can't wait to buy loads of new stuff. How exciting! 
Let me know if you have cute pictures of cool home stuff :)