We got this lovely lil violin from ebay its for a mothers day present. Its well cute, I keep picking it up and pretending to play the worlds smallest violin. Because thats how cool I am. 

In other news, is anyone else completely addicted to drawsome? Its an iPhone app which is basically a version of pictionary and it is literally taking over my life. 
My last name is Rose and that was a word my friend had to draw hence this drawing. It made me smile.
Right, sleep time now.
Niiiiiiiight xxx

I haven't posted on here regularly for a while, I promise I shall start getting back into the swing of it. Today I did spend most of the day looking for pretty layouts and what not. I have been super busy with uni hand-ins and stuff but as the easter holidays draw nearer I will have a lot more time.
Anyways it's Tuesday and that means its student night which also means I feel I need to go out. However, my loan has run out and I don't get paid until next week so I have nothing to wear. On the plus side I have a mini amount of sailor jerrys, red lipstick and a hip flask to get me through the night :) 

This is my first post with this new layout, how exciting. But I'm afraid it is only a lil one as I must get ready. Enjoy your night lovelies! 

Called 'Books For Free" and it does what it says on the tin. You can go in and have a little rifle around and come out with three free books. It is such a cute and lovely idea. 

But unfortunately the store is having to relocate as the landlord is basically kicking them out. It's such a shame because it was located right in the centre of Southampton and now there's gonna be no way near as much people visiting it. It is also affecting the volunteers as many of them live far away from the new location and are unable to travel so much. 

I have gone in to take a look around before and the volunteers are so friendly and unlike a lot of book stores they don't care about money they believe that everybody should be allowed the chance to read. It is so nice for people who are unable to afford books. I personally came out with a couple of books which I can't wait to start reading.

I have also been playing with Instagram. I LOVE INSTAGRAM. Here are a few random photos I took.

This is my mood necklace from Topshop. I turn it to the sad face when something saddens me but to be honest its pretty much always happy :)

 The boyf bought me back some spanish fruity tea after he went to Madrid. And on the left is my make up. I just love benefit, the make up comes in such cute packaging and it makes my skin feel nice and fresh!

And finally, my nails. They're a bit messily done but I'm pretty happy with them. I was inspired by my best buddy Bonita once again. Here are hers...

I hope you enjoy! Let me know if any of you do nail art posts or also have a love of Instagram.

I definitely haven't been sticking to the outfit a day for seven days posts I'm meant to be doing. Uni work is literally taking over my life at the moment. However I'm giving up for half an hour to bring you this post of yesterdays outfit. 

Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Denim Jacket - Topshop
Dress - Primark

So that was yesterdays outfit, I though it was gonna be all sunny so I was like YES dress time but then I stepped outside and it was freezing. I spend way too much time in denim jackets and scarfs nowadays I just canny wait till summer comes.
Anyway, must crack on with the ol' uni work. If I have time maybe I'll show you todays outfit later. But I'm useless at this so I'm not promising anything.

Love xxx

So this weeks IFB project is to plan Spring Break. Where will I go? What will I wear? Well unfortunately for me stuck here in rainy old England I won't be jetting off anywhere exciting, the furthest place I'll be going is back to my home town which isn't really too far away. Anyways I've been daydreaming and my perfect holiday would be cycling through Milan seeing the sights and looking out for Italian street style.

I just love floral dresses, floppy hats and vintage bicycles. These are my dream items for my dream holiday. On my real life holiday I'll be cycling around the countryside in England wearing floral dresses and floppy hats but I should probably think about getting an umbrella.

 So if your ever feeling down about yourself just pick up Siri, he'll make you feel better.

Okay so I'm meant to be posting a picture of my outfit every day but I'm afraid I've been at work all day and I don't think my work uniform is gonna make a very interesting post. So I'm lagging behind but instead here's some lovely pictures . . .

I bought this teacup from Farnham market, it was a lovely day with my best buddy Bonita. We ended up planning to make our own business making cute hair clips and what not. So far we have sold nothing...

 Random picture of micro pigs from google - I just want one so much!

This is my favourite illustration right now. Its by Ben Javens and was in the latest issue of Oh Comely magazine. It is a piece of advice his grandma gave him. So cute!

I am in the middle of compiling a favourite blog section full of cute blogs so if any of you fancy being one of them just give me a follow and I'll check out your blogs. 

Lots of love xxx
Today after work me and my dear friend/future flat mate decided to have a tea evening but ended up painting our nails. 

Nail varnish bed! 60 polishes for £18 from ebay - blimmin amazing deal if you ask me!

Georgie's first use of the nail varnish - I think they turned out pretty well to be honest.
And then I attempted to do scrabble nails on Georgie.......

I am getting way too into nail art! I just really need to get a steadier hand. If anyone has ideas for cute nails, let me know so I can try more out! :)


Hello there!

Here is day 2 of my "What I wore". I really need to do something about my bleached mess of hair (just living up to my Essex roots). Ohh well. I hope you enjoy my clothing choice!

Not the nicest scenery but thats what you get when your a student and live in horrible student accommodation.

I love frills!

White blouse - TK maxx  £14
Shorts - Topshop - £36
Necklace - Beetnick Emporium Vintage Store (Southampton) - £17
Black Shoes - Topshop - £30

 2 days down only 5 to go! I really don't know how people manage to do these posts every day, they must have some very impressive wardrobes.

Love xxx
Hello lovelies!

As I see from a lot of fashion blogs, people like to show other people what they are wearing. I personally do enjoy a bit of rifling through blogs and looking at outfits so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and attempt a "What am I wearing week." Starting from today I shall post pictures of my outfits for the next 7 days. Seeing as I am highly likely to have many "I have NO clothes" days, wish me luck!

Excuse the bags under eyes/bad hair day. Four hours was by far not enough beauty sleep for this girl.

Denim Jacket - Topshop - £32
Tee Shirt Dress - Topshop - £34
Tartan Scarf - Charity Shop (Cancer Research UK) - £2.50
Peace Sign Necklace - Charity Shop (British Heart Foundation) - £2.50
Burgundy Flats - Urban Outfitters - £28

So, what am I wearing day one done and dusted. Let me know what you think! :)

Love Amy 

As a newish member of IFB I thought I'd join in on one of the weekly projects. Im a lil late but none the less heres the vintage me.

Me and my mother in matching flowery dresses which she so lovingly made. I love those shiny red shoes!

And my brother, cousin and myself fighting to get to the cake. I really did love flowery dresses, not much has changed.

Me and my brother wearing jumpers knitted by my grandma. She knitted me a really similar pink one last Christmas, once again not much has changed.

So, not much to say about this outfit but I'M ON A DONKEY!