Already failing...

Okay so I'm meant to be posting a picture of my outfit every day but I'm afraid I've been at work all day and I don't think my work uniform is gonna make a very interesting post. So I'm lagging behind but instead here's some lovely pictures . . .

I bought this teacup from Farnham market, it was a lovely day with my best buddy Bonita. We ended up planning to make our own business making cute hair clips and what not. So far we have sold nothing...

 Random picture of micro pigs from google - I just want one so much!

This is my favourite illustration right now. Its by Ben Javens and was in the latest issue of Oh Comely magazine. It is a piece of advice his grandma gave him. So cute!

I am in the middle of compiling a favourite blog section full of cute blogs so if any of you fancy being one of them just give me a follow and I'll check out your blogs. 

Lots of love xxx

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  1. hello! The picture of the little pigs is so sweet!
    I follow you dear!

  2. I' m in love with teacup, so cute. Oooo looking forwards to hearing more about the business :)