Me and my good friend have started a PR company called Rain or Shine PR, we are currently working with make up artists and vintage stores in Hampshire but we are going to be branching out nationally. We are looking to create some relationships with fashion bloggers as we believe it is a great tool for PR.

It would be wonderful if you could reply with your blog and what your readers are interested in.

If you could e-mail -
or tweet us -
https://twitter.com/RainorShinePR (also it would be lovely if you fancied giving us a lil follow)
and we are also very recently on Facebook -

We very much look forward to your replies!

Amy Rose
Rain or Shine PR

So last night me and my good pal Becca did a set at a pub in Southampton called The Shooting Star.
 Each person/team had to do a 30 minute set which consisted only of female vocalists then we were judged by the crowds. The winner received a £50 bar tab. We came joint 1st which was pretty awesome, so a £25 bar tab for us :D

Our bar tab - Morrissey money. Best. Thing. Ever.

Our winning playlist....

• The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful
• Emmy The Great - Canopies and Grapes
• The Knife - Heartbeats
• Candi Staton - I'd Rather Be an Old Man's Sweetheart 
• Regina Spektor - Dance Anthem of the 80's
• Metric - Monster Hospital
• The B-52s - Private Idaho
• April March - Chick Habit
• Wonder Villains - Zola
• Florence and The Machine (Jamie T and Ben Bones Lionheart Remix) - Raise It Up
• Hooray For Earth - No Love

Its a good night and if you ever find yourself bored and in Southampton on a Wednesday night Catastrophe radio will be there every other week.

This is me discussing bunting, bunnies and getting a business started with budding entrepreneur and the creator of OHNORACHIO! Rachel Basinger.
After walking into Rachel's immaculately tidy and bright waterfront flat I was blown away by the amount of cute home ware she owns. Bunting, cushions and trinkets adored the living area where we sat down with her hamster named Echo to discuss OHNORACHIO!

“So Rachel, how did you get started with your online store?”
“I started when I made my friend Katie a bunting banner, I was trying to think of nice things to make her that you can’t find in the shops. I was playing around with a font that I found online and then I made this banner and took it to her party. When she opened it everyone was like “what, you made that?!” I was really happy with the feedback people were giving me and they were shocked that I was’y selling them so that was when I first started thinking about it. People started mentioning Etsy to to me which made me decide to set up my own little shop selling hand painted custom banners.”

“Why did you call it OHNORACHIO!?”

“Well, OHNORACHIO! was always my twitter name and I just thought it had a nice little ring to it.”
“Why did you decide to broaden your shop and not only sell banners and bunting?”
“I started making more presents for people. I made the cuddly bunnies as a present for a friend and everyone was like “they’re really cool” so I thought if people think its cool then I’ll put it on my website. I then made a plate for my boyfriend for his Christmas present a couple of years ago and people liked it so I started making them for my house and people always commented on them. I kind of decide what to put in my shop by gaging peoples reactions, but now whenever I make something for a friend or for home I always just make extra and put them on the site.”

“Who or what inspired you with your cute designs?”
“I spend a lot of time looking at blogs online, I like blogs where people are crafty or interior designers or like pretty food or people who take photographs of everything they do! I’m a really visual person, I’m constantly scrolling through blogs. I also love typography so when creating my banners I spent a lot of time looking through vintage circus posters on websites. I love it when people use a lot of photoshop typography on their blogs. Little things like that tweak the inspiration in me. Most of my drawings come from little doodles. I have a sketchbook I take everywhere and my bag is always full to the brim with pens so if I’m bored I’ll just doodle and then it will sometimes turn into something nice.”

“I don’t have just one person who inspires me but other Etsy designers are nice to look at. I would never copy someone, I think that would be wrong but I do draw inspiration from colours people are using and things like that. At the moment macaroon/pastel colours are in and thats what inspired me to do my business cards in the colours I did them in. Those pastels are quite nice for my up and coming baby range, I think I will do a set of baby plates with a minty green.”

“What plans has OHNORACHIO! got in the pipeline?”
“Well I’m working with a few galleries at the moment, one gallery in Liverpool is called Nook and Cranny and they are going to use a lot of my stuff in their window display which is really cool and so surreal! I also have the Aspex gallery in Portsmouth stocking my animal broaches and a lot of cards. There are a few other little places I am starting to build up connections with. I was also approached by the website notonthehighstreet.com to stock on their site so thats something I’m looking into. This was really nice because they’re invite only and they actually found my stuff and came to me.”

“Etsy was a great start off to your business, did you think it would lead to more opportunities?”
“No I don’t think so, I always started it as something to just do in my spare time as I love art and making things. Its something fun and its one of those things that its quite flattering when people actually like what you do. You make something and your quite proud of it but when other people would actually pay their well earned money to buy the things you’ve made its a really great feeling. So I didn’t really see it going anywhere but now that it has its more strings to my bow and its really nice to have more people and galleries actually liking my work.”

“What advice would you give to young people intending to start up their own business?”
“Oh wow, I could say something really inspirational like a one liner which would properly knock everyones socks off but I cant think of one! Hmm, in a nut shell, go for it. You don’t know whats out there until you give it a try. You should have confidence in your own abilities, if you think something is good and your proud of it then other people will think the same. It doesn’t take much to set up a business particularly on Etsy, its free and simple to use. Once you start expanding you can set up your own blogs/website/twitter pages to self promote. I think the more self marketing you do the more well known you will get. Having a business like mine is such a nice positive booster which you don’t get from many other things. When people go to your shop instead of John Lewis to buy a birthday present is such a nice feeling. I really appreciate individual designers and I know loafs of people do. And if your one of them just don’t hold back, just go for it. That is my motto!”

If you fancy checking out more of Rachel’s work and OHNORACHIO! just head to www.etsy.com/shop/ohNOrachio visit www.ohnorachio.com.

Urban Outfitters (Europe only) are giving us this lovely 20% discount off of every single thing! BUT it is only valid from midnight tonight - tomorrow at 8pm. All you've gotta do is follow timefortea then click on one of the pictures below choose your cute items and use the DISCOUNT CODE - SP2 at the check out......

A few of the bits and bobs I'm very fond of! :D (Quick link by clicking the picture)

Okay so I know I have too many bags and I really don't need any more denim jackets but these are too cute and theres a discount! I need to narrow down my buys, now which ones should I get?

Enjoy the discount, if any of you use it let me know what you get! :)

After having a internet window shopping session as I'm too poor to actually spend and we all know how addicted to shopping I am. I found many cute items I would like to share with you! Even though I can't have them, you guys should :) If you click on each item it should take you to the websites (should. Im really not that good with technology). I will be posting my favourite find each day (or just whenever I find cute things.) Todays cute find is this laptop case from Urban Outfitters. Being a journalism student I believe this is destined to be mine. If anyone fancies getting me a present, this is what I want.
If anyone has/buys this, let me know what you think of it. I like reviews :)


Here are a few snaps from my Easter holiday, which is very nearly finished :(

We took a road trip to Bournemouth, hunted round many vintage stores and ate at the lovely Wagamama. 

Also CBBC presenter Barney Harwood came in to work so he signed my business card! 

I spent much time with my bestie Bonita-Bluebell. We drank a lot of wine and ate far too much chocolate. We also had a day of attempting to fake tan ourselves and made cake pops. (They didn't taste very nice and we got annoyed at them, but it was all good fun!) 

Before making them, we got a little too excited.

Then got annoyed and destroyed cake. (This was fun, very fun)

The final product.

Look at Bonitas nails, they're skittles! And how awesome is this teapot.

And finally...my cute nephew. I let him loose with my iPhone so he took about a million photos of himself!  Also, he stole my tea. 

 I love Easter! What did you all get up to? 


It is time to start looking for a new place to live. I'll be moving in with this lovely lady who loves cupcakes, bunting and vintage teacups as much as me!

I am in desperate need of a typewriter for my new house. They just sound awesome when you type. Anyways I found a few bits and bobs on pinterest which I have to have.

I love cute things and can't wait to buy loads of new stuff. How exciting! 
Let me know if you have cute pictures of cool home stuff :) 

We got this lovely lil violin from ebay its for a mothers day present. Its well cute, I keep picking it up and pretending to play the worlds smallest violin. Because thats how cool I am. 

In other news, is anyone else completely addicted to drawsome? Its an iPhone app which is basically a version of pictionary and it is literally taking over my life. 
My last name is Rose and that was a word my friend had to draw hence this drawing. It made me smile.
Right, sleep time now.
Niiiiiiiight xxx

I haven't posted on here regularly for a while, I promise I shall start getting back into the swing of it. Today I did spend most of the day looking for pretty layouts and what not. I have been super busy with uni hand-ins and stuff but as the easter holidays draw nearer I will have a lot more time.
Anyways it's Tuesday and that means its student night which also means I feel I need to go out. However, my loan has run out and I don't get paid until next week so I have nothing to wear. On the plus side I have a mini amount of sailor jerrys, red lipstick and a hip flask to get me through the night :) 

This is my first post with this new layout, how exciting. But I'm afraid it is only a lil one as I must get ready. Enjoy your night lovelies! 

Called 'Books For Free" and it does what it says on the tin. You can go in and have a little rifle around and come out with three free books. It is such a cute and lovely idea. 

But unfortunately the store is having to relocate as the landlord is basically kicking them out. It's such a shame because it was located right in the centre of Southampton and now there's gonna be no way near as much people visiting it. It is also affecting the volunteers as many of them live far away from the new location and are unable to travel so much. 

I have gone in to take a look around before and the volunteers are so friendly and unlike a lot of book stores they don't care about money they believe that everybody should be allowed the chance to read. It is so nice for people who are unable to afford books. I personally came out with a couple of books which I can't wait to start reading.

I have also been playing with Instagram. I LOVE INSTAGRAM. Here are a few random photos I took.

This is my mood necklace from Topshop. I turn it to the sad face when something saddens me but to be honest its pretty much always happy :)

 The boyf bought me back some spanish fruity tea after he went to Madrid. And on the left is my make up. I just love benefit, the make up comes in such cute packaging and it makes my skin feel nice and fresh!

And finally, my nails. They're a bit messily done but I'm pretty happy with them. I was inspired by my best buddy Bonita once again. Here are hers...

I hope you enjoy! Let me know if any of you do nail art posts or also have a love of Instagram.