Evening of nail varnish and spanish tea!

Today after work me and my dear friend/future flat mate decided to have a tea evening but ended up painting our nails. 

Nail varnish bed! 60 polishes for £18 from ebay - blimmin amazing deal if you ask me!

Georgie's first use of the nail varnish - I think they turned out pretty well to be honest.
And then I attempted to do scrabble nails on Georgie.......

I am getting way too into nail art! I just really need to get a steadier hand. If anyone has ideas for cute nails, let me know so I can try more out! :)


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  1. I love the tuxedo nail, just like Zooey Deschanel's! Maybe you should try using little pieces of masking tape to help get straighter lines? I want to have a go at mine now!


  2. The scrabble nails are such a cute idea! I really don't have a steady enough hand for nail art :(