Pocket Full O' Posies

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Using a child-like imagination to design her Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Kelly Love was inspired by outdoor games, nursery rhymes and picnics in the meadow.

In her previous collection, Song of the Rainbird she was inspired by "the 1960s with reference to the correlation between muses of fallen rock stars and beautiful birds in cages." Even her inspiration shows so much creativity goes in to her designs.

She keeps with her very apparent vintage feel by using silk, lace and crochet collars. As previous spring collections have shown it is the season of floral, frilly and floaty outfits. The old fashioned style Kelly Love so boldly holds on to is complemented even more so with her use of neutral pale pinks and creams. She has brought a sense of innocent femininity to 2012.

Kelly Love is still so unknown to the average woman. The signature behind the label is a tribute to feminism, old world glamour and love in the purest form. I think this is the cutest message behind a brand and as spring flows in we will be seeing a lot more of Kelly Love and Pocket Full O’ Posies.

From Spring/Summer 2012


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